Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Heart Kept Safe........

Every man"s heart is fragile
Fragile as a wine glass

One fall, shattered into pieces

Bringing broken pieces together takes a long time

Every man"s heart need love

Love, love ,love, love

Its bring life to every heartache

Sores and aches dissapeared

All because of loves

Not forgetting other ingredients

Care ,joy and peace

Put together with love

Will make one"s heart stronger

But still every man"s heart is fragile

It"s important who you give it too

What you do with it

How you handle it

I know where my heart is

It"s being kept safe .Real safe

Nutured with plenty of love

Fertilised with sweet melodies

Sweet as the voice of Angel

That refreshes your heart

Hugs after hugs and plenty of kisses

My heart has never been the same

Spectaculor ,splendid, sensational

It flow in blood stream now

My heart stronger

My heart rejoices

My heart loves more

My heart kept safe.....

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